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Air Brush Spray Tan

Want a custom tan? Come see us. All tans are air brushed and done by a person not a machine. So you can be sure you leave with full coverage and no missed or streaky spots!​​

**This tan is all about you. Dress up or down to your comfortability. If you decide to wear any clothing during the tan please make sure you choose clothing you're not worried about being stained.**



Cant just have one tan once in a while? Come weekly for $15

  • must come in within 8 days of previous tan. If you exceed 8 days the offer is no longer valid

Can't get enough? Buy a package.

5 for $100

  • tans must be with same artist if you choose this package.

Get your tan on without the damage!

To do BEFORE a spray

  • Exfoliate your entire body.

    • Grab that favorite sugar scrub of yours and go to town!​​

  • Shave your body with a new or sharp razor.​

    • pro tip* make sure you exfoliate before you shave to avoid skin irritation.​

To do AFTER a spray tan

  • WAIT to rinse off

    • We recommend  waiting between 4-8 hours before rinsing off. The longer you wait the deeper and darker the tan is​

  • While in the shower you will notice the water turns a bit brown. DON'T freak out, keep rinsing! It's ok and it just the extra bronzer washing off. ​

  • After you rinse off pat dry with a clean towel

  • Here at 801 Beauty we use the Norvell Venetian blend. It won't leave you orange or green. 

 What to bring for a tan

  • hair tie

    • We want to be able to get every inch of skin we can. You will want your hair pulled up nice and high out of your face​

  • Comfy loose clothing for after​

    • Sweats, or loose clothing is best for after the spray tan. Tight clothing may rub the tan off and leave unwanted streaks and spots.​