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Whats the difference between Classic, Hybrid, and Volume lashes?

Classic lash extentions are going to be placed one by one onto your natural lash. These will leave you with a beautiful natural look. The fullness of these lashes will depend on how many natural lashes you have. 

Volume lash extensions are lightweight thin extensions. These lashes are so light that your lash artist is going to be able to hand make a fan with multiple extensions and place it onto your natural lash. This look is going to leave you looking nice and full even if naturally you don't have a ton of eyelashes. 

Hybrid lash extensions are the best of both worlds. These are going to being the classic and volumes worlds together. This set is going to leave you with an equal mix of classic and volume extensions.

How long do I need to wait before I can get my lashes wet?

We recommend you wait 24-36 hours before immersing your lashes in water or any liquid. 

How often and what should I be cleaning my lash extensions with?

Here are 801 Beauty we believe in using high quality effective products. We recommend using Borboleta Beauty Lash Bath or the Lash cleanser. These products are specifically made for eyelash extensions. Cleaning your eye lashes will not ruin the retention in between appointments. Did you know cleaning your lash extensions will actually keep your lashes on longer? TRUE STORY BRO! You should be brushing your lashes daily, and cleansing at least 3 times a week! These products are a must have and we retail them at our spa. Grab some at your next appointment! 

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