We are a proud Borboleta Exclusive Partner

What does this mean?

Weapons of LASH construction 👁🦋⚔️ We c

At 801 Beauty we are determined to bring you only the best products in the industry. Payton the owner has tried multiples glues, lashes, and cleansers. Borboleta by far is the best in the entire industry. The product is consistent. Ensuring that you will leave with the perfect set of lashes every time. 

Must haves!

Lash bath

Cleaning your lashes is a must when having lash extensions. I am sure you have seen people suggest using baby wash on those pretty lashies. *insert afraid emoji here*


You spend good money on your lashes. Invest in them!

This luxurious cleanser comes in two forms

-Foamy mousee 

-Luxury gel (our personal fav)

This formula was made specifically for eyelash extensions. Ensuring that between fills your lashes will have better retention! This is a premium product for a premium service.